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Highly Anticipated Movies Coming In January 2022

The New Year is quickly approaching. If you’re planning on seeing anything in the theaters, here are some of the films that are expected to soar in early 2022.

The 355 is set to release on Jan. 5th. Jessica Chastain plays a spy going by the name 355, who works with other skilled women from around the world to join forces against a common enemy. As opposed to the typical “feminist” action film that features one woman among a group of skilled men, this one has an entire group of powerful women on a team.

The fourth installment of Hotel Transylvania is coming Jan. 14th. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania will share the journey of the monster family trying to regain their gifts after becoming mere humans. Even though it is not Halloween season, this will be a great movie to see with the kids in the New Year.

The Retirement Plan shows Nicholas Cage in another film with an expected January release date, New Year’s Day. It’s an action-thriller featuring a number of award-winning actors. Ron Perlman plays the villainous role who will face off against Cage’s character. The film promises plenty of combat and gunfire.

Movies coming in 2022 will hopefully be a step above those of this year, since movies have resumed production even during the pandemic. Many critics have commented on the weak attempts at movies and remakes in the past year, using COVID restrictions as their excuse. Maybe the New Year will bring movies back to what they used to be.


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