Honor The Raven, Nevermore!

January 2nd was a sad day for Baltimore, MD, but an even sadder day for the NFL. Ray Lewis (37 years old) told reporters that this would be his “Last Ride” this year after seventeen season in the NFL. Lewis, who is crowned by many as the best defensive player to ever step foot on a field, definitely left his mark for the history books. He is the only NFL player to record 40 sacks and 30 interceptions in the NFL. Lewis also has been to 12 pro-bowls and earned a Superbowl ring from the 2000 series! When asked why now, Lewis replied, “God is calling. My children have made the ultimate sacrifice for their father for 17 years. I don’t want to see them do that no more. I’ve done what I wanted to do in this business, and now it’s my turn to give them something back.” Spoken like a true warrior from the gridiron! A human being of this magnitude, a man who played his heart out for his city, and a caring father who has motivated so many other kids, players and coaches, should be the first Baltimore Raven honored in the stadium, and needs to have a statue erected outside of the stadium. Lewis will be suiting up for the playoffs for the last time. Ray Lewis, we salute you, and may you continue to be a motivating beast throughout life!


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