Horror Business

People will get themselves in all kinds of scary situations for some quick and easy money, but I think I found the safest option yet.

This Halloween season, two companies are each offering $1,300 to a horror fan willing to watch 13 horror movies. Both companies want to study the effect that horror movies have on heart rates. 

A promotion by DISH Network will require the viewer to watch 13 movies based on Stephen King novels. The satellite TV company will supply the chosen horror fan with a “survival kit” that includes a blanket, candy, popcorn and Stephen King paraphernalia. The viewer will also be issued a Fitbit that will track their heart rate while watching the scary films. They will have to fill out a worksheet and are also encouraged to share their thoughts, like a journal. Some of the movies used for this promotion are Children of the Corn, Pet Sematary (original or 2019 remake) and The Shining

The other job offer from FinanceBuzz is looking to hire a “Horror Heart Rate Analyst” that will help them determine “whether high-budget horror movies deliver stronger scares than low budget ones.” The viewer will also be issued a Fitbit to monitor their heart rate and will have to rank the movies based on their prediction of the size of their production budgets. This watchlist includes a mix of high-budget and low-budget horror films like Amityville Horror, The Blair Witch Project and Get Out. 
Everyday I realize even more how little I know about this world, but one thing I have certainly realized is that low-budget movies entertain me the most. Sure, they are not the scariest and usually go out of their way to have comedic elements in it, but the effort that goes into the practical effects can be admirable. I would rather watch punks riding motorcycles in school halls and have their bodies deformed and oozing after smoking some atomic grass in the low-budget film, Class of Nuke ‘Em High, than any modern high-budget film that relies too much on CGI effects. Now that’s entertainment!

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