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House GOP Lays Groundwork for Mayorkas Impeachment as Moderates Balk

Senior House Republicans are rushing quickly to establish evidence against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as they seriously consider starting a rare impeachment process against a Cabinet secretary, a move that could provoke strong opposition from GOP moderates.

Republicans claim that hearings on the issues at the southern border may serve as a prelude to an investigation into Mayorkas’ impeachment is already being prepared by important committee chairmen. Hearings on the surge in immigration and security issues at the border will soon be held by the Oversight, Homeland Security, and Judiciary committees of the House.

According to a GOP source directly acquainted with the situation, the House Judiciary Committee, which would be in charge of overseeing an impeachment resolution, is prepared to begin official processes if it looks like there is agreement among the GOP conference. There has already been supporting for the first impeachment motion put forth by House Republicans, even from a member of the GOP leadership.

The first Judiciary Committee hearing on the border could happen later this month or in early February, according to a GOP source.

The idea of impeaching Secretary of State Joe Biden has gone from the edges to the conference’s center, as evidenced by the fact that one of the conference’s senior chairmen is already talking in favor of the action.

A Cabinet secretary being impeached is extremely uncommon; it only happened once in US history, in 1876, when William Belknap, the secretary of war, was impeached by the House and later cleared by the Senate. However, it’s now a very real prospect as Kevin McCarthy called on Mayorkas to quit or face probable impeachment proceedings as he fought for the votes to become speaker.

While a number of members are concerned about the strategy, there are no indications that Mayorkas is resigning, so House Republicans are suggesting they are ready to move forward.

McCarthy must, in fact, strike a balance between the calls for harsh action from his base and the reservations of more moderate members, many of whom represent seats in key swing districts that are essential to his slim majority. And other voters in safer districts aren’t yet convinced that the GOP should take that path.

A House impeachment measure would fail if he lost more than four GOP votes, which would be extremely embarrassing for the GOP leadership. Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, who has already expressed his opposition to the measure, could cost him a vote. Several other members are also skeptical that Mayorkas should be charged with a serious crime and misdemeanor, even though they acknowledge that he hasn’t done much to help secure the southern border.

Republicans from swing districts are actually pleading with their fellow party members to hold off on pursuing impeachment since it would be dead on arrival in the Senate and might alienate the public if it is thought that the party is overreaching.

McCarthy lashed out at the border issues when questioned on Tuesday about his pre-election threat that Mayorkas might be impeached by the House due to the GOP’s concerns over the borders.


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