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How Drive-In Concerts Could be the Future of Music

Sometimes it feels as though COVID-19 shut down the country overnight. Before our eyes, schools were shut down, restaurants and theaters were closed, and life as we knew it had changed. One thing that has been significantly impacted is the music world. Tickets for concerts were immediately refunded and artists were forced to find a way to make their names known in a struggling industry. Although there is also the option of holding virtual concerts, a new trend that is surfacing is drive-in concerts. These allow audience members to stay safe and artists to showcase their music.

Some musicians that will be performing at drive-in concerts include the Beach Boys, For King and Country, and Bert Kreischer. Although there are not many big-name artists that will be showcased at drive-in concerts, I believe that this could soon change.

These drive-in concerts will require that you always follow rules regarding social-distancing and masks. Some concerts have even found a way to allow you to safely order food and drinks. Regulations on alcohol consumption will depend on the region.

Looking to find a drive-in concert near you? Live From the Drive-In, Billboard Music, and Vivid Seats are a few websites that you can look at for times and locations.

Although drive-in movies and tailgating have been around for a while, this new form of entertainment is just another way that people are finding good in a bad situation. At the end of the day, music enthusiasts are confident that virtual concerts do not compare to a live and immersive experience.


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