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How Fad Workout Trends are Creating Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders 

The dangers of the internet will never go away. From promoting false advertisements to making people believe they aren’t skinny enough or pretty enough; companies are constantly preying off our insecurities. If you have ever looked up workout challenges on Youtube, you will notice that a lot of the videos tell you it’s possible to lose 25 pounds or get abs in a week. The reality is that these clickbait videos are creating unrealistic beauty standards and can be harmful to everyone, especially the younger generation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online workouts became especially popular. It is fair enough that people would want to stay in shape despite being stuck inside. Many girls are coming forward about how doing “Chloe Ting” challenges led to unhealthy eating and diet habits. While I do not believe that creators such as Chloe Ting are responsible for causing these habits, it’s understandable why her videos are triggering.

Growing up, I truly believed that workout trends that claimed to help me copious amounts of weight would work. The truth is that these workouts are both unrealistic and dangerous to many individuals’ self-image. This isn’t to say that healthy living shouldn’t be promoted, but fad workout trends are notorious for creating unrealistic beauty standards.


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