How the NFC East is Changing Football

The NFC is currently the worst division in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are first in the division at 2-4, and the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants, and the Washington Football Team are all tied for second at 1-5. The worst part about it? None of these teams look like they’re improving at all.

Why is this bad for football? Simply, it’s because this year there is a possibility that a team with five wins or less might get a playoff spot. Imagine that. Imagine a team works hard all season to get to 9-7 or 10-6, doesn’t win their division, and then doesn’t win a wildcard spot. But just because the NFC East is so terrible, a team will get a playoff berth with a much worse record. While this is all hypothetical, it’s very possible.

The current division leader, the Dallas Cowboys, lost their starting quarterback, Dak Prescott, and have been plagued with injuries on the defensive end of the ball. The Eagles are just flat out bad.

Once MVP-caliber player Carson Wentz has suddenly turned into one of the worst quarterbacks in the League, but head coach Doug Pederson refuses to give rookie Jalen Hurts a chance.

The Giants—I’m not even sure if they’re worth talking about. Their only win was over the worst team in the division, the Washington Football Team, and they only won by one point.

Finally, there’s the Washington Football Team—a team that has already given up on their recent first-round pick, Dwayne Haskins, and has gone through three quarterbacks in six weeks.


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