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How the TikTok Algorithm can Help Independent Artists

TikTok is one of today’s most popular social media apps, and new artists are finding in it a more organic way to promote their art while also growing their fanbase. Because TikTok provides a constant flow and slightly addictive flow of content, younger artists are turning to it to build their highly successful small businesses. 

It’s never been easier to go viral than on TikTok. As a consequence, artists and potential fans are multiplying their chances of finding one another. TikTok’s algorithm, known as for your page (FYP), conveniently curates a personalized selection of videos based on the viewer’s previous video interactions. This means that whatever the user sees will be highly related to their preferences. FYP makes it much easier for artists to find their audience and grow it organically. 

Another great benefit of TikTok for upcoming artists is that this is one of the easiest apps to get noticed, regarding of how many followers they may have on other accounts. This means that by posting the right kind of content consistently, artists are bound to gain traction. By the right kind of content, we mean TikTok trends. 

Numbers are showing that the way people consume digital content is changing, and more and more consumers are enjoying shorter videos. This means that new musicians can get away with posting 10 to 15-second clips of their songs and therefore promote each song by breaking it down into 10 to 20 different pieces of content. It is also advised to switch the angles, clothing, and background from video to video to avoid users skipping it.

Although TikTok also has some drawbacks—like the constant pressure for fresh material and exposure to social media toxicity, to name a few—it is still a great tool to have as an independent artist. Any musician that is up to the challenge will find that creating a brand identity is very easy on TikTok. A brand identity is a visual aesthetic that makes the artist easily identifiable. It also helps artists stay up to date with the current trends while also adding their own flare and creativity to them. 

TikTok also provides a great base for engaging and collaborating with fellow artists. Artists that work together will double their fanbase and build a closer connection with their audience. It is also worth mentioning that TikTok fame can be short-lived. This is why it is important to use TikTok to leverage not only your career as a musician but also your online presence on other platforms. Artists can do this by linking to their websites, other social media, and shops. This way, they can turn their views into real fans and propel their music career beyond the boundaries of TikTok.  

Overall, new artists can benefit immensely from TikTok and its clever algorithm. By playing their cards right, investing some time in branding their image, ad creating their website and e-shop, they can grow their fanbase and, eventually, enjoy a lifelong music career.


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