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How to perfect the ‘No Makeup, Makeup’ look this summer

Like many women around the world who like to have an extra amount of fun in the summer, hair and makeup looks just don’t seem to have longevity against summer activities. I remember my freshman year, I dyed my hair platinum blonde that summer (it is naturally brown). Just like that, 500 dollars of my hard-earned babysitting money was gone.  However, being a wild child at heart, my platinum hair couldn’t keep up with my need to enjoy myself. Just one dip in a pool and I emerged with a newly found green tint in my hair and an absence of foundation and mascara that was previously there before. The perfect curls faded away right along with the makeup, and I was left looking like a 14-year-old wet little dog while my friends, who perfected the no-makeup, makeup look, appeared flawless. So after some trial and error, here is the key to the perfect no-makeup makeup look this summer.   

You are going to want to bust out your tanning oil or your fake tan because the bronzer will not last against the salty ocean waves. You want to be catching waves and good vibes, and you will be killing your own vibe if you are not feeling like the best version of yourself. Confidence is key, and something that always helps my confidence is having a glowing tan and moisturized legs. My boyfriend’s mom just introduced me to Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter, and it is my absolute favorite.  It is pretty cost-friendly. I think it is around 15 dollars so you don’t have to break the bank; and if you don’t like it, you can bring it back.

Sunglasses are essential if you are looking to feel your best this summer.  Sunglasses are a tricky one because you might see someone wearing sexy thin sunglasses online, and so you order yourself a pair, but as soon as they arrive in the mail and you shove them on your face, you realize you look nothing like the girl online in them. Everyone has different face shapes and styles, and it’s important that you find a pair of sunglasses that complement your face.  My advice: shop around a little bit and try on a few pairs before settling down. 

Okay, my blonde to green hair story, how did I fix this? You might be wondering, well…it was not an easy fix. It took a little Nancy Drew sleuthing and a cursory knowledge of chemistry. It turns out the culprit was the copper in the pool.  This metal is found in most pools, freshwater or not, but don’t stress out too much about it because there is an easy fix (thank you, Britney, for sharing this with me). 

Malibu Hard Water Wellness is going to be your lifesaver.  It helps get those tough metals out of your hair so you can keep your Barbie blonde hair. Also, if you are anything like me and love to surf,  paddle board, and tube behind a boat, I recommend braiding your hair so it does not break off.  Having your hair wet all the time in the summer can lead to it getting too dry and breaking off so braiding it and adding in a little love will go a long way.  

You do not want to look like a dried-up raisin, so make sure you have chapstick in your purse to perfect the no-makeup makeup look.  If you have blonde eyebrows or skinny ones –and eyebrows are a huge makeup statement for you– I recommend getting some waterproof eyebrow gel/tint.   

When I first discovered this, I lost it, but like an eyebrow tint which is another excellent alternative to eyebrow makeup, they also do eyelash lifts and tints, so if you have straight blonde eyelashes, this really makes them pop. Adding in a little extra darker tint on your eyelashes and curling them gives the look as if you were wearing mascara. 

I will end this article with this last piece of advice: Accessorize. Having fancy accessories such as sunglasses or super cutesy earrings or your nails painted honestly makes a huge difference. Making it seem as though everything is tidy and nice and clean, giving you that “clean girl aesthetic.” I went to dinner about a year ago, and somebody stopped me and said that they loved how both my nails and toes matched as they were the same color. Hot pink was painted on, peaking out of my sandals and draped across my nails, but just something as simple as that stood out and made a statement that complimented my whole look. It really is the little things in life that matter, but whatever makes you feel confident and makes you feel like the best version of yourself is your guiding light.


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