How You Can Stay on Top of Your Fitness Goals

If you’ve been trying to stay somewhat on track during the stay at home orders, then you’ve probably had to change up your day to day schedule and figure out when a good time to finally come out of your sweatpants would be. Many have been capitalizing on stay at home orders by offering followers, fans, or those who want to kickstart a new lifestyle a chance by offering online workouts and plans.

Instagram Influencers have seen many new audience members flock to their page out of curiosity to see how someone could stay motivated in their fitness goals when the whole country was in a shut down. Whether an individual was motivated or not, they had garnered enough interest to visit a fitness page and that was enough to spark motivation into pouring out at-home workout tips and easy to follow guides.

Massy Arias boasts over 2.6 million followers on her Instagram and is the creator of the “Warrior Challenge.” Her site offers plans and programs and how you can sign up for the next round! Her challenge is 45 days and says “get ready to change your lifestyle in a sustainable way.” Her challenges help your eating habits and keeps you motivated with incredible workout routines.

The program is readily available for anyone who has a smartphone device, tablet, or computer. Her site also offers helpful tools like a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and program guides and workout equipment along with supplements.

These workout programs have always been readily available for anyone to use, but with the stay at home orders and gyms closed, for what seems like an unforeseen future, these challenges and influencers help keep the people motivated and in check to make sure that they stay healthy!

What’s great is even when the gyms do open up, you can take these workouts with you and continue to follow the plan and its challenges. These are much more doable than a personal trainer, and even better since your trainer is in your pocket! Since many gym-goers become weary of the price tag a personal trainer carries, programs like Massy’s are promising and motivational without having to burden your wallet.

I have had my fair share of fitness fads where I am eager to start up a new workout routine and try my utmost best to follow through but I always end up ending back at square one. With programs offered like Massy’s, it is easier not to fall behind and stay accounted for. No one is breathing down your neck or pressuring you with trainer bills, but it’s a fun environment that lets you feel welcome and judge free. Massy’s motto is “striving for progress, not perfection.” which, in itself is comforting on its own.

Pushing past what you pressure yourself into believing, whether it is to look a certain way, be a certain weight, or appease to society, Massy gives you the open space to tackle your needs ahead of others. What do you want to feel at the end of the day?


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