I Always Wondered but Never Thought

I’m a star! House, jewels, since 15 I had a car, I was living the illegal life, I lived by the sword some died by the knife, I continued to swing the excalibur for a big part of my life, I wondered
God blessed me with this caramel complexion, green eyes, and the gift of gab, dudes would pray to get the attention I have, my chicks were bad!, or was it because I had all this cash, I was running the trap, ace duece trays, livn fast, running from cops, 20 yard dash, I wondered
When everyone when out, I stood indoors, smoking indo, baggn up all day earths poisonous minerals, we called it material, made wives widows, girlfriends that lost boysfriends in jacobi or montefore, now speak to ghost like demi moore, they lucky they got me, I got the power to her the dead like whoopi, all do to the water soda eina, them cookies, I wonder
Would I run around like a chicken with no head?, would I go hungry if I stop doing what I was doing, to make sure my family was fed, would my cash flow end? What would I do for endz? Will the chicks still fuck with me, just cause of the color of my pretty eyes, and my complexion?, or was it all about the currency? Would I be able to ball? Will I have fame? Or would everything change? This is what I wondered while still in the game!
I never thought ill leave
I never thought past 30 ill still breathe I never thought I can still support my family I never thought my pointer and thumb would ever stop being numb I never thought, I would be infinite the poet such a bright sun I never thought I could make mom more proud of her son
Infinite the Poet
Albert Carrasco

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