Identical Twins Give Birth Hours Apart

Not only do they share a birthday, their children now do too! 19-year-old identical twins Aimee and Ashlee Nelson gave birth in the same hospital, on the same day, just hours apart on New Year’s Eve. Only 15 seconds apart themselves, the twins found out they were both expecting last year just two days apart from one another. Days, hours, seconds…keep up!
Aimee was the first to be admitted into Summa Akron City hospital and the first to deliver, while sister Ashlee was still at home. “My mom told me that she was here and when I got up to go to the bathroom, my water broke so I had to come in too,” said Ashlee. Both babies, Aimee’s 7 lbs 2 oz son Donavyn Bratten and Ashlee’s 8 lb 12 oz daughter Aiden Dilts, were delivered by the same doctor and are in perfect health. This story is especially interesting to me because I also have a twin sister. We’re so different in every way, but sometimes we’ll both decide to order pizza for dinner on the same night, despite being miles apart… Just part of the mystery of being a twin!


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