If I

If I hold your hand will that be ok? In the middle of a random convo If i just kiss the words back into your mouth would that be ok, would you push me away? Or would you pucker up and talk the rest of our convo in tongue? French that is. im so touchy feelly not disrespectfully, romantically, like intertwined pinkys, or my hands massaging your scalp as I run my fingers through your hair, while in an intimate stare. If I grab your lower back, place my hand right on top of the vicky strap, not to touch the apple bottom, just to pull you closer would that be a problem?
I’m nowhere near shy, just a little quite, do you mind that? You have to be the aggressor, like helen keller use your hands to see me, sense me touch me like my body is braille, body language never fails. Are you ok with this?
I don’t ask for much, just a lil affection, so I’m asking you this question. If I…….
Infinite the Poet 2011
Al Carrasco

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