I'm so glad to be me!

I’m so glad to be me! I’ve been lied to, people made me promises they always broke, i was never really cared for, so poor I had to wait till the first or third day of the month for mammas food stamps, or the money from dads social security so we could eat, I loved my mom just like she loved her son, hey al take this(food stamps), go to the bodega tell them mamma needs a favor, I give them 100 they’ll give me 70 cash, now that’s the money for a fresh pair of air force 1’s, so I don’t get teased or snapped on in class, mom tried her best alone, since dad passed.
I’m so glad this happened to me! I’ve seen mamma lord calling, on the floor in fetal balling, “lord help me I don’t know wether I’m coming or going” no money, she didn’t know if we would have a home some mornings. Adjustment to her not having dad was a tragic mourning, she looked like she was loosing her mind, waiting at the window as if she was looking for angels in the appearance of this- father of mines. She looked for a halo over wavy hair, wings protruding from dark skin, tall and handsome, she would look for these signs of him, she loved him.
I’m so glad this happened to me! Flustered with frustration I found myself falling into hells plantation , I fell victim to what was being cooked in the devils kitchen, to help moms was what I was wishing, instead of pitching coins in to a well, I pitched coke and crack when baking soda was added in, then boiled in the leviathan. I’m scarred, my bullet holes look like those little gunshot stickers people put on cars. for me and my friends declaring war to try to live like stars, I can play “52 pick up” or “I declare war” with funeral cards with all those that I knew that went with god.
The rebirth
I’m so glad this happened to me! Now I get to speak reality to the children who will become modern slaves in this urban community, i want to write life on leaves that fell from trees with no light. I can’t because they died, i would of enlighten them. so now I’m lyrically planting seeds to bring forth trees without disease like Dr wangari maathai, I don’t write for things just monetary, but i need the currency to get me out of the situations i am in currently, I write to save lives, I’ll do it for free with the hope one day Like the dr, I can win a noble peace prize, until then, I’ll keep writing this underground urban poetry like I’m the son of ms Tubman.!! Follow my lemniscate to freedom
Infinite the Poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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