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Inclusivity in beauty brands to be measured and indexed by AI technology

Inclusivity within the beauty industry will be easier to track with the introduction of the SeeMe Index. This new tool by former Google Execs Asha Shivaji and Jason R. Klein uses AI technology to “measure, benchmark and celebrate brands’ consumer-facing inclusivity efforts.”

According to the press release, The SeeMe Index serves both consumers and brands, highlighting which brands do the most to incorporate inclusivity and what brands can do to be better.

“Our mission with the SeeMe Index is to provide data that allows brands to make informed decisions about their inclusive marketing efforts across a broader definition of inclusivity. We believe that most brands are well-intentioned, but for too long, the lack of data and benchmarking has left brands guessing whether their efforts are enough,” said Klein. “The SeeMe Index allows brands to finally understand if their efforts lead the pack or if competitors are fostering a more equitable and representative consumer experience.”

Specifically, the SeeMe Index will release reports with specific benchmarks and insights, as well as the SeeMe Index Seal of Approval. This acknowledges which brands meet the index’s inclusivity qualifications. Those that don’t meet the cut will be offered consulting support to companies and brands to “enhance their inclusivity efforts.”

“We recognize the power of responsible AI in achieving this goal while emphasizing the importance of human oversight via experts and advocacy groups. We invite brands and consumers alike to join us in creating a world where inclusivity is the norm, and through the SeeMe Index, we provide the means to make it happen,” said Shivaji.

Already, eight brands have met the index’s standards and received its seal of approval. Those eight brands include M·A·C Cosmetics, Dove, Esteé Lauder, L’Oréal Paris, NYX Cosmetics, Maybelline, Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin, e.l.f. 


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