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Insecure: A Revolutionary TV Show

Insecure on HBO has been one of the best comedies on TV for the last few years. Created and starring Issa Rae, the show follows Issa, as she navigates relationships, friendships, and careers with her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) in Los Angeles. 

Rae is also the creator of the award-winning web series, Awkward Black Girl, which the show Insecure is loosely based on. Insecure has been described as one of the most revolutionary TV shows by many critics because it focuses on contemporary black experiences and how it pokes fun at the stereotypes enforced onto black people in the media, especially in TV and movies. 

Rae’s writing is honest, hilarious, but with a sharp wit. Rae explained that the series will examine “the complexities of ‘blackness’ and the reality that you can’t escape being black.”

“We’re just trying to convey that people of color are relatable. This is not a hood story. This is about regular people living life,” Rae said.  

The show explores different places in LA through the lenses of native LA people. Instead of just shooting the tourist spot, “Insecure” immerses the audience in the city by focusing on black businesses, restaurants, and music.

Inspired by Rae’s real-life experiences, the show also focuses on female friendships and modern-day relationships. “I didn’t see a lot of female friendships on TV, let alone black female friendships,” says Rae.

Each season dives deeper into the character’s mind and relationships before it all explodes in season four, which could very well be the best season yet. Rae’s outstanding performance as herself “Issa,” continues to shine throughout the show. 

Her awkward encounters and her hilarious freestyle rapping carries the show. She continues to be one of the most innovative and versatile stars in the industry by simply being who she is, unapologetically. 

Season five has been announced to be the last season of the show, which will premiere later this year or early 2022.


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