Is Biden a bust?

In 2020, the Democratic party of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was the light at the end of the long, confusing, eye-opening, and scary tunnel that was the four years of Trump. While mid-age to older people and a few optimists from the younger generation were hopeful for the change to come with President Biden, large groups from the younger generation remained skeptical. How would this President be different from the last 45? What change would he be able to enact when the system itself has changed very little since its inception? Finally, do his promises only serve to put on a good show, or can we expect a tangible difference?

To be fair, what counts as a successful presidency? We each have our own criteria based on how we believe the country should be run. If we’re objective, even our favorite presidents (yes, Obama too sadly) have made some bad decisions and questionable choices during their term.

In what has been a relatively unexpected twist, President Biden’s ratings are plummeting. The prolonged pandemic, his failure to deliver on those stimulus checks, and school loan forgiveness programs (we haven’t forgotten Mr. President), in addition to the way he’s handled the crisis in Afghanistan, all contribute to his recent drop in approval rating. While there are reports that President Biden might lose democratic control of Congress amidst his political nightmare, which would make it highly likely that he’d be a one-term President, we have to keep in mind that it has only been his first year of Presidency. There is room for growth and change if he so chooses. So is Biden a bust? Not yet, but whichever way the pendulum swings, there’s still time.


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