Is Music the Key to Success?

In this article, I want to explore the idea: can music make you smarter and more successful? 

As a stressed-out college student, I have come to the recent realization that listening to classical music while I study helps improve my overall academic performance. It helps me focus more on what I am doing. The reason is that classical music does not include lyrics that can be distracting. Meditation music can also help you focus and relieve stress while it’s at it. 

It has also been scientifically proven that music has a positive effect on our heart rate, blood pressure, and overall mood. With that being said, I think that it is important to note that the songs that you choose need to keep you awake but should not cause you to tap your foot or start moving to the beat. 

I found that it was easier to create my own playlist instead of searching through Spotify and other music streaming apps. By making my own, I was able to weed out the songs that were more distracting. You can also make the playlist as long as you want it to serve as a timer for when you can take a break. Mine is an hour long, and when it is done playing all of the songs, I usually take about 30 minutes to do other things in order to not burn myself out. 

Everyone has different tastes in music, but here are some genres and tips to consider while you are making your own playlist:

  • Classical: This is honestly one of my least favorite genres of music, but the soothing sounds really do make so much of a difference when you are trying to study or concentrate on assignments. 
  • Spa Music: “Spa music” or meditative music that you can expect to hear while doing yoga or being pampered at a spa helps with concentration as well. It all depends on how mood-lifting and soothing the sounds are. 
  • Nature Sounds: These sounds include running water, birds, weather noises, and other peaceful nature sounds. These sounds can also be beneficial for sleeping since falling asleep in complete silence can be hard for some people. 
  • Electronic Music: Believe it or not, some EDM can help with studying. Just make sure it’s more on the calm side and less of a rave or party song. 

I think that calming, mood-boosting music can help people focus and be happier when they are trying to complete a tough assignment for a class or even just handling everyday work situations. What songs are you putting on your study playlist?


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