Is Standard American Breakfast Boring

The clock strikes five, we roll out of bed, our feet scraping the cold floor without a thought in our mind.  We scurry down to the kitchen like a mouse looking for food on a cold winter day. We look around and nothing. If you are anything like me, a lot of the time, you will opt for a coffee and eat an early lunch instead. A study done by found out via a poll that 7 in 10 Americans are not willing to wake up before 8 am to make breakfast. 

Why is that? Short answer is breakfast options in America are flat-out BORING? You can literally look up what everyone in America eats, and it will say…. Cereal, Egg based dish, Pancakes. How BORING. Also, remember 70% of America would rather sleep in than wake up and cook themselves a morning meal. 

Taking an inventory of what other countries eat for breakfast, we can see how much the standard american breakfast pales in comparison: 

Thailand- A typical breakfast in Thailand consists of Jok- a rice porridge bowl originated in China, Grilled pork with sticky rice, Thai Donuts (Paa Tong Koo), and Thai Omelette with rice. 

In France, it is Baguette, Jam, and Coffee/Tea (café et thé) or instead of Jam, sometimes it is chocolate, or pastries are often quite popular as well. 

Looking at Ireland, they call a traditional whole breakfast bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, beans, soda bread or toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, and white or black pudding. 

Vietnamese breakfast- Light soup, protein, pork, chicken, or fish, accompanied by a side of rice. 

Meanwhile, There is little to no nutrition in your cereal. That’s right your Froot Loops are not helping your diet in any way or even aiding in satiety. Breaking this down further, Froot Loops have 37% more sugar than the average cereal, Red dye 40, Yellow 6, modified food starch, and better yet an unknown flavor that is disclosed to the public. There are far better breakfast options, especially if you are feeding little ones. 

My advice for people who are sick and tired of eating boring American breakfasts and would rather not eat at all at this point, meal prep your food—research other cultures and what they eat for breakfast. Stop going to work hungry and not feeling your full potential at work or feeling dull and groggy until lunch. Listen to your body and start putting yourself first.


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