Is the Baguette Bag back?

The once infamous baguette bag seen in Sex and The City, worn by Carrie Bradshaw, is now returning to the big and little screen. But not just our screens –stores, closets, streets and events are signaling a comeback.   

There are some serious stats behind the baguette bag resurrection. Fashion experts at Boohoo recently found that the search for baguette bags on Pinterest alone is up to 170%. Many think that many of these searches are based on nostalgia but on the other hand, most Pinterest platform viewers were born after the 90s. Without a doubt, I bet Gen Z is getting into Sex and The City and cannot keep living without the infamous baguette bag and Carrie’s iconic style.  

 (IMG- Pintrest, Ganni StreetStyle)

Cara Benevenia, the founder and designer behind the luxury handbag, explains that the baguette is the handbag equivalent of tucking a fresh-out-of-the-oven French baguette under your arm.  

It is a “small, soft handbag with a flap, short shoulder strap, ultra-feminine embellishment, and a cheeky nod to the French bread,” Benevenia tells In Style.  

“After World War II, when the five Fendi sisters took over their parents’ leather and fur workshop, the bags on the market at the time — although beautiful — were rigid and inconvenient, like portfolio cases with handles,” explains Benevenia. Fast forward half a century when women of the ‘90s were looking for something new. The Fendi Baguette offered women both “status and street cred,” according to Benevenia.  

Fashion lovers cannot get enough of the 90s and early 2000s. It looks like we thought we would never dig up from the grave, such as cargo pants and baguette bags are now making a solid comeback. But in a sense that it is still new and fitting for 2023. The baguette bag just celebrated its 25th anniversary, so it may finally be time for our favorite shoulder bag to finally make its way home. 

With endless possibilities on how to style the baguette bag, there is no chance that it will be a flop. With mini-bags and fanny packs, really, are we just longing for our long-lost friend? But if you are in search of a little bit of inspiration while you are waiting for your bag to come in the mail, I recommend watching where it all started in Sex in The City with Ms. Carrie Bradshaw!  

“In 2023, the styling combinations [for Baguettes] are limitless, from the brilliant styling juxtaposition of cargos and stilettos, whimsical dresses and sneakers, ballet flats and ripped jean shorts, or men’s blazers and trucker hats,” Benevenia tells In Style, adding that brands like Tod’s, Prada, Tom Ford, and of course Fendi are also targeting men with unique takes on the style, which has garnered a “genderless appeal” over the years.  


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