Is the Coronavirus an Indicator of a New “Pandemic Era?”

Anthony S. Fauci has claimed that the world may be entering a “pandemic era.”  Modern human activity and behavior is affecting the existence and emergence of diseases within society.  He suggests that this factor should push us to think more thoughtfully about how we live in accordance with the world around us.

Fauci and David Morens predict an accelerating rate of pandemics in the future that may be linked to detrimental human activity in relation to the environment.  Human activities such as deforestation and urban crowding which plague the environment worldwide may heavily factor into the increased emergence of disease.

In the past, we have seen rumblings of concerns over pandemics.  Outbreaks in SARS, MERS, COVID-19, and even Ebola have all been used as evidence to support the notion that we will potentially see increased infectious disease outbreaks in the future.

While these outbreaks may not be avoidable in the current state of the world, some have suggested that they may be preventable.  Various flus and colds have the potential to become pandemic-reminiscent, but if infectious disease specialists shift away from focusing on pandemics as outlying scenarios, the risks of these diseases could be lowered.  Focusing on the concept of pandemics as opposed to the diseases themselves allows specialists to target the factors and environmental risks that may be causing this increase in outbreaks. 

The latest updates with the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. predict that the U.S. death toll could top 400,000, while the official toll has currently surpassed 183,000. 


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