It's a man's world

It’s a man’s world. We grew up with dreams embedded in our souls. Us poverty stricken boys dreamt the same, build an empire by any means to end living in shame. We constructed the foundation, hope was erected while we was youngens. It was us… Man. Blood, sweat, tears, if it wasn’t for one of my peers (Edgar), I wouldn’t be here. Sunshine and rain was part of gains, we hunted and was hunted, man was wild game. It was warfare to end welfare, like knives… Slugs sliced the air to cut the throats of current heirs.
Man had the power, We abused it, all we wanted to do was get fat, so be it if the first was the last time we had to listen to obese music. to us hunger was a disease and money was therapeutic. Bullet holes added to my nine physical, it’s was a man that took me out of critical, when he did I went right back to where I left off to become block Royal, All black affairs were yearly affairs, numbers took over names, bulbs became natural light, the only perk for asthmatic New Yorkers that went down then upstate… Was inhaling better air.
Urban Genocide, local homicide, no white flags were raised, kill or be killed was how we was raised, I had an army they passed, recruited and trained another generation, when I speak of them, it’s also the past, men brewed the recipe for destruction, men sold it for food, clothing and shelter… Self gratification, men are the reasons why most of us poverty stricken children didn’t get to grow into a man and why we are at the highest level of extinction. None of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for that “girl”
Infinite the poet 2018

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