It’s Still a Hot Girl Summer

Yes, it’s still a hot girl summer! And yes, we are still in a pandemic but with many stores and so many brands still dropping their latest summer fashion lines and pieces to order offline or for curbside pick-up, a hot girl summer is still in full effect. Rihanna has not given us much music in a while, but she has given off hot girl vibes with her latest Savage Fenty lingerie line.

Rihanna first debuted some new pieces for her Spring line in May 2020, then later announced her summer drop early June. Here we are in July with the latest summer 2020 Savage Fenty lingerie line. With some sets starting as low as $15 making it a bit more affordable for those seriously affected by the economy during the pandemic.

Staying at home can get spicy whether you’re single, married, or in an entanglement. Being a woman is so much fun when it comes to fashion and dressing up, even if you’re a simple kind of woman. A simple nude or all black matching panties and bra set can make a woman feel like herself again or make her comfortable in the house, with a side of sexy. Spice it up for yourself and continue to build your confidence at home during this pandemic or your personal quarantine.

Not into lingerie or a first time buyer? The Savage Fenty website helps you find what you like and what you need. Making it easier for you to shop for the latest items. With so many different styles of bras, bralettes, underwear, and lingerie you probably wouldn’t know where to start. The website helps you get started.

Entering Savage Fenty’s website, you are suggested to take a quiz about yourself which pertains to your size and preference of style. This helps to itemize your preference from what they have to offer. Next, after your quiz, the site asks you to share some personal information, as far as your name, email and birthday to send discounts, updates, and birthday emails as a member to make it more personal. You also have the choice to be a VIP Savage Fenty member. If you choose to be a VIP member you can cancel your VIP membership at any time as well too. Also if you’re not happy with your choice of items, you have 30 days to return the items for FREE!

Savage Fenty has been featured in top tier fashion magazines such as VOGUE. The lingerie line offers pieces for all shapes and sizes. Making it easier for every woman to have a savage hot girl summer at home, in their yard, on their balcony or down their social media timelines. Savage Fenty website also allows members to share their photos in Savage Fenty wear and add their reviews if they like.

Right now Savage Fenty has a sale going! If you sign up to become a basic Savage Fenty member, there is a 50% deal for first time members with their purchase.


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