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Jack Curry … The 1998 Yankees

The most prolific baseball book writer today has to be former New York Times sports writer and today a Yankee broadcaster on the YES network, Jack Curry.

This week his new book … The 1998 Yankees premiered on the bookshelves across the country.

It’s already number one on Amazon Books and in two weeks we will find out if it hits the New York Times’s best-seller list.

After reading the book this week I truly do understand why the buzz.

There are so many wonderful anecdotes that I didn’t know before even though I work there. There are naturally great stories about Torre and the Boss and of course a young Derek Jeter. For me, the best part of the book are the stories of the no-name Yankees like Homer Bush and his role on such a historic baseball team. I also love the stories with David Wells and his dislike of Joe Torre. This may of selfishly been my favorite part of the book because there has never been any love lost between me and Mr. Torre. Jack actually hits all the fine points of true baseball fans being able to debate whether the Yankees of 98 are better than the Mets of 86 or the Yankees of 77-78 or even Lou Gehrig’s 27 Yankees.

It’s a beautiful book for us true lovers of the game that Babe Ruth once said was the greatest in the world.

Get your copy today on Amazon or where books are sold.

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