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Jake Paul Gears Up for Match Against Hasim Rahman Jr. Hoping to Get Conor McGregor’s Attention

On August 6, 2022, Jake Paul (5-0) will face Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1) in a boxing match held at Madison Square Garden in New York in his sixth professional boxing match.

As Paul is gearing up for this match, he told WFAN Sports Radio’s Carton & Roberts that he thinks Connor McGregor will be scared to face him after he beats Rahman next month. 

Jake Paul has long wanted to face UFC star Connor McGregor despite McGregor’s disinterest. Either way, Paul intends to score another knockout in his upcoming match.

“If he’s not scared, I’m ready whenever. But he has his boss Dana White that’s in control of him, so he can’t make his own decisions,” Paul said. “Even if he wanted to fight me, Dana would have to approve it. I’m my own boss, so I can make my own decisions and can fight whenever I want. … After I knock out Hasim Rahman Jr., Conor will be like, ‘Oh wow, this kid can really fight.’ That’s probably going to scare him away from fighting me.”

Though Rahman will be the first professional boxer Paul has faced, the long-time YouTube Star is set on gaining respect from his peers, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. Paul’s love for boxing continues to motivate him and give him the confidence to go back in the ring.

In an interview with Fight Hype, Paul explains that he’s grateful to be able to fill the Madison Square Garden. He said that he’s the “new king on the block,” challenging McGregor to a “Money Fight,” claiming that after this match, he’ll be one step closer to his long-awaited fight with champion boxer Connor McGregor. Watch this interview here

“I’m a professional boxer, no matter how you slice it,” Paul said. “I’ve got to prove that on Aug. 6 going up against a professional boxer. But I’ve knocked out UFC champions, superior athletes, and sparring in the gym against professional boxers on a daily basis. This is the start of a long career, and I plan on becoming champion of the world one day.”

Buy tickets to Paul vs Rahman Jr.’s fight here.


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