Jane the Virgin Says Goodbye

When Jane the Virgin was first released in 2014, viewers immediately fell in love with the story of Jane Villanueva.

Jennie Urman, the executive producer of the show, made Jane a character that is both loveable and motivated. After Jane is accidently artificially inseminated, she is forced to navigate the trials of motherhood and the turbulent waters of her love life. The many twists and turns of the show provide moments of adventure, humor, and melancholy. Additionally, it is exciting to watch the love triangle between Jane, Rafael, and Michael unfold and evolve throughout the episodes.

With each season and episode ending in a major cliffhanger, Urman’s viewers cannot help but come back for more each week. Unfortunately for fans, the show will not be returning for a sixth season on the CW channel. To many people’s surprise, this was not due to the show getting cancelled, but instead a creative decision made by Urman. She decided to end the production of the show early into Jane the Virgin’s storyline and did not budge despite much backlash. Fortunately for Gina Rodriguez, the actress who brings Jane alive in the show, she has other career opportunities lined up.

Although the show may seem unrealistic and wild, there are many lessons that the characters experience that provide important messages for viewers. From learning that you can’t control everything in life, to lessons on jealousy, forgiveness, and so much more, Jane has become an onscreen role model. This show is available on Netflix, so if you haven’t indulged yourself in this series yet, I highly recommend you start ASAP.


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