JCPenney Beauty To Launch Next Month

In an effort to revamp stores once it’s partnership with Sephora ends in 2022, JCPenney is implementing a brand-new beauty section called JCPenney Beauty. The new products and brands will reflect customers and their needs no matter their gender, race, age, skin tone, hair type, or budget. JCPenney executive vice president and chief of merchandising said in a statement that, “recognizing that each customer is uniquely beautiful, we designed JCPenney Beauty to be a hyper inclusive experience where everyone shines.” The spaces will involve an open-concept floor plan, as well as having specially trained associates who can help customers with all skin tones and hair types.

To create JCPenney Beauty, the company partnered with Thirteen Lune, an e-commerce platform specifically designed to discover brands founded by Black and Brown creators, and Landing International. Nyakio Griecho, founder and CEO of Thirteen Lune, described the experience as being a “possibility for scale, growth and profitability, while also bringing so much recognition [to] and amplifying these brands we’re in partnership with.” Over 170 brands will be included in this remodel with Landing International and Thirteen Lune picking 45 of them and JCPenney’s in-house team curating the rest.

Some of the brands included are Kmonia Cosmetics, Everyday Humans, and Pholk, which specializes in melanin-rich skin with vegan and plant-based products. Some stores are set to see JCPenney Beauty next month with plans for all stores by 2023.

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