Jennifer Aniston dumps Justin Theroux

Another one bites the dust! Leading lady Jennifer Aniston is said to have split from her boyfriend of two years, Justin Theroux back in July. Jenn broke the news over dinner at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant after pressing her then beau with an ultimatum, either commit more, or leave. Apparently Justin chose the absolute wrong answer, he shrugged his shoulders! The actress called it quits at that moment. If he couldn’t step up to the plate and settle down, then he could no longer be considered the one for her. Although Justin pleaded for a second chance, Jenn refused. In a twist, only a few days after their break up, paparazzi caught Theroux out on the town with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens. The “ex” lovers were reported to have gotten closer while Jenn and Justin were still together. Is it just a harmful friendship or nothing more? Well, we hope for Jenn’s sake that she can get through this. Seems like it was just a ticking bomb anyway….


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