Fashion Designer of the Month for August 2022


Jeremy Scott is one of the most unique designers of all time, leading the fashion industry as the creative director and CEO of Moschino, creating eye-popping, out-of-this-world pieces that differ from all other mainstream designer brands. Since the launch of his own namesake company in 1997, he has been branded as “fashion’s last rebel” since taking over Moschino in 2013, shocking the runway with revolutionary collections that reflect pop culture and capitalism, capture the essence of childhood, and generally break fashion boundaries that brands like Dior and Chanel have confined to for years.

One of the key characteristics of an iconic designer is the recognizable elements of their designs, with Jeremy Scott serving as the standout designer that more than fits this rule based on his eclectic taste and confidence in his own abilities, reflected in his clothing that absolutely never plays it safe. Throughout all his collections, black is the color that is the least commonly present, with some calling him “fashion’s equivalent of Andy Warhol” for constantly thinking outside of the box and incorporating societal influences into his clothing, designing items that are categorized not only as fashion, but works of art.

Scott has outfitted a plethora of celebrities, including iconic Met Gala looks like Katy Perry’s 2019 after-party hamburger outfit, as well as famous music video ensembles in Britney Spears’s “Toxic” and Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” videos. To take a peek into the new Moschino collection as well as the LA home and day of the life of fashion designer Jeremy Scott, click here for the Vogue video!


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