Jill Biden Heading Back To School

Students and parents spent the last month buying new school clothes and backpacks in preparation for the new in-person school year. Surprisingly, the general public wasn’t the only ones gearing up to go back to school. First Lady Jill Biden also heads back to the classroom today, at Northern Virginia Community College, to teach composition writing where she’s worked since 2009.

While Eleanor Roosevelt worked in the White House as a special advisor due to her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, having Polio, Biden is the first First Lady to have an actual job outside of the White House. Most recent First Ladies decided to leave their occupations once their husbands were in office.

Not only does Biden going back to work set a new precedent for future First Ladies, it also highlights the importance of education and teacher appreciation while in a very heated time. Many are arguing over whether students and faculty should be wearing masks in the classroom, whether they should be vaccinated or not, and even if face-to-face teaching should start this year amid the Delta variant spreading. Biden’s return to teaching demonstrates the Biden Administration’s dedication to the education of America’s youth, as well as in support of teachers in the wake of teaching online. Biden herself taught online while on the campaign trail with her husband.

In a letter explaining her return to the classroom, Jill Biden stated, “Teaching isn’t just what I do. It’s who I am.”

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