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Joel Edgerton Talks Controversy Over Exodus Casting

One of the year’s most anticipated movies, Exodus: Gods and Kings, has been under quite a bit of scrutiny since its trailer was released. With an all-star cast including Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver, it’s hard to think that anyone would be complaining, but what people have been complaining about is what they’re calling “whitewashing” of the movie. A twitter campaign, #BoycottExodusMovie, arose with people concerned about the fact that the only people of color in the movie are playing slaves while the pharaohs and Egyptians are being played by white people. Actor Joel Edgerton, the Australian actor that was cast in the role of Ramses commented on the subject saying [It’s] not my job to make those decisions… I got asked to do a job and it would have been very hard to say no to that job. I do say that I am sensitive to it and I do, I do understand and empathize with that position.”


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