Jordan’s Water Crisis

The Dead Sea is reportedly shrinking at a rate of three to five feet a year.  Additionally, its salt water is being replaced by freshwater, which is dissolving subterranean salt layers and creating sinkholes.  With the water level of the Dead Sea having decreased nearly 100 feet in the last three decades and the rate of loss continuing to accelerate, sinkholes have become a pressing issue.

These sinkholes, however, are just a sign of a much larger issue.  Jordan is a desert country that is nearly landlocked.  The country’s rainfall decreases yearly.  As such, Jordan’s aquifers and ground water reservoirs are being depleted quickly. Furthermore, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for water in Jordan has increased by 40%.

As the summer months approach, the problem will likely only worsen.  Summers in Jordan are projected to have average daytime temperatures above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Jordan’s population has boomed over the past several years.  With this increase in population, the country has been over-pumping non-renewable water reservoirs and, as a result, depleting the country’s resources.


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