Photographer of the Month for September 2022


As a young adult growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the late 80s, Jose Mendez was always fascinated by photography. His passion for photography was put on the back burner for years. It was not until Father’s Day 2017 that he was given a Digital Camera (DSLR). He quickly adapted to it, and photography almost immediately turned from passion to obsession. In early 2020, he resigned from his full-time job to pursue his passion for photography.

Jose describes his love for photography as “…an art, a continued therapy session, and a way to disconnect from the hassles of everyday life. Whether I’m sitting on a beach in frigid temps, waiting for a rare bird to take flight, chasing fast-paced race cars and airplanes, or witnessing the union of a couple on their wedding day, my two cameras allows me to see beyond my eye and then revisit that image days or years later.”

As a working photographer, Jose has worked with numerous large brands like Ugg Shoes as well as local fashion brands, designers, stylists, and models. He also photographs charity events. He has had the great opportunity of working with organizations like The Cristian Rivera Foundation and Home for Good Dogs Dog Rescue. He credits his blended family for the support and uplifting they provide as he takes on his passion for photography.


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