Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Junior Guardian Angels "Shine" in Annual New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade

We have been marching in the annual NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade since 1984. It is always a tremendous PUMP UP to march up 5th Ave as a million parade viewers cheer us on. About 20 years ago our Junior Guardian Angels joined us at the front of our line of march For this year’s parade, our Junior Guardian Angel Director Dennis Torres aka Super Stretch had the Junior Guardian Angel contingent dressed in their red junior guardian angel martial arts gees. Everytime our line of march halted along the way……The Washington Heights Junior Guardian Angels performed a series of their martial arts katas. It was a SHOW STOPPER. Everyone along the way wanted to know more about our Junior Guardian Angel Program. The Junior Guardian Angel Program continues to be a special program for us “All over the World”

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