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Justin Bieber Performs in Buffalo Saturday Night Following Mass Shooting 

On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, a mass shooting occurred in Buffalo, New York, that killed 10 individuals and horribly impacted the lives of many more. 

The 28-year-old Canadian pop sensation, Justin Bieber, took to the stage in Buffalo that same day following the horrific shooting. Bieber is currently on his “Justice World Tour,” in which he aims to shed light on racial injustices through his music and immense social platform. The infamous singer has many times demanded that “racism is evil” and even created a merch line with the said phrase. 

During his Buffalo concert on Saturday night, Bieber spoke directly to his audience about the mass shooting. He states, “As you know, there’s been a tragedy in the city, but what we’re gonna do tonight, is gonna honor those people.” The crowd then shared a moment of silence for those who so disturbingly lost their lives, but Bieber was not entirely satisfied. The next day, he took to Instagram stating angrily, “To the people who couldn’t stay silent to honor the lives that were so tragically lost, I urge you to ask yourself why?” 

While a handful of his audience was not receptive to his efforts, a vast majority of the crowd shared a moment during the pop concert to grieve those who passed in the hateful shooting. One user took to Instagram to say, “Keep speaking, @justinbieber, if you touch one person & they see the wrong in their ways, that is one less person whose actions will result in violence at the hands of racism.” 

Bieber will be performing his “Justice” album for many more months around the world, and it is safe to say that his efforts to spread racial awareness will not fall short in his future concerts. Hopefully, in the coming events, more of his fans will oblige to Bieber’s simple requests. 


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