Justin Bieber rocks the world with Believe

Believe, Bieber’s second full-length studio album is certainly reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. However, it was also predicted that the upcoming week will be the most successful one in his career, and that he is heading for the year’s biggest debut. By the end of the week, the album is supposed to move up between 410,000 and 440,000 units. This will let Bieber pass even Madonna and her album MDNA, which received 359,000 units.
Before Bieber achieved these numbers his manager stated: “I think it’s gonna do well because I think people are really giving it a shot. At the same time, I think that’s my biggest hope that people judge him on the music. That they go and they listen to the album and they don’t go in with any expectations. There’s a lot of hype around him because of who he is [but if you] just shut your eyes, put on your headphones, and put on the music and then just decide if this album is worthy of your time.”
Despite the popularity and inflow of new fans, Bieber can feel overwhelmed and stressed with his constant achievements. Fame can be sometimes brutal, and as his manager pointed out, Bieber almost broke down while his album was reaching the heights on the charts. Of course, an ordinary person would think that the 18 year-old celebrity has all he could ever imagine. After his past successes he should be used to the never stopping attention. Don’t break down Justin, everyone knows you like to be in the spotlight! Let us see if Bieber can beat Madonna!



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