Kamala Harris Suspends In Person Campaigning

A flight crew member and communications director, both affiliated with the Biden campaign, have tested positive for the coronavirus.  Following this news, Senator Kamala Harris’ campaign travel has been halted.

Although Senator Harris was not in close contact with either person, as has been determined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Biden Campaign has decided to suspend her travel until Monday. Even though Harris had been tested on Wednesday, a test which returned negative, the campaign still decided to cancel her Thursday trip to North Carolina in order to follow safety protocols.

In comparison to the Trump campaign’s dealings with the virus, the Biden campaign disclosed the findings of the positive results in a timely manner.  This follows the fact that the Trump campaign is still yet to disclose the President’s negative test results following his bout with the virus.

Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, has also suspended his travel plans.  While he was scheduled to campaign with Jill Biden in Minnesota on Thursday, these plans were cancelled.  However, he will return to his campaigning sooner than the senator, starting Friday, as he was not in contact with either person who tested positive. 


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