Kansas City Comeback

On Monday, July 6th, the greatest and largest contract in the history of sports with a projection of being worth five hundred and three million dollars was signed by Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, there is no way to know for sure if this deal will remain as stated due to the complexity and factor-based nature of NFL contracts. A lot of contracts could end up increasing in value or the player could end up declining in ability thus posing the potential change of a contract.

At only twenty-four years old Mahomes has not only won a Super Bowl Championship but in just his first full season as a starter, he was also made the NFL MVP of 2018. The future is certainly very bright for this already admired football icon but many believe that he has the potential to make history not just in athletics but to be a worldwide sensation.

In light of recent events, Mahomes has taken to the internet to team up with other NFL players to spread awareness and boost the support within the NFL of the Black Lives Matter movement and was the first NFL player to say the phrase “Black Lives Matter” publicly. Some project that Mahomes will follow in the footsteps athletically and professionally of Michael Jordan. Except for one key difference that has been noted in the recent months following the unlawful murder of George Floyd. Patrick Mahomes has not only been vocal but also a staunch supporter of BLM. Jordan was often criticized for his silence when it came to political stances and in the recent documentary about him entitled “The Last Dance,” it mentioned how Jordan refused to endorse a black liberal political figure claiming that “Republicans buy sneakers too.” In contrast, Mahomes has been admired for his activism and is more focused on equality than popularity.

This is a huge deal for Chiefs nation as well. After not winning a Super Bowl in fifty years, Mahomes finally was able to bring Kansas City a win. Now, with a two-year extension and a ten-year contract, there can be great success in the future with a quarterback like Mahomes. Since the deal has been made, Mahomes has vocalized his optimism about the team’s future and how the contract not only gives him security but allows the team to do great things.


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