Kanye West and Hip-Hop’s Influence on Fashion

As of recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of photos on Instagram of celebrities wearing all back, normally with a puffer or workmen jacket; with jeans that lead to tall black boots. It would be jarring to see this if it weren’t for the fact that I already knew this would be happening. Why did I think this? Because we saw Kanye West wear this fit first in early December when it actually was a bit jarring.

            It would be an understatement to say that rap has taken over pop culture, in all of its facets. No one embodies this fact though, quite as much as Kanye West; whose every move almost becomes a shift in the pop culture zeitgeist. However, in fashion, Kanye West has been a trailblazer for taking Hip-Hop to new heights in the fashion industry. We could talk about the many, many trends that he has started, some you might’ve not even noticed. Trends that include shutter shades, “distressed” clothing, puffer jackets, even bringing flannels back in style. We also could talk about his Yeezy brand, the line of sneakers that has become the new status quo for streetwear; the new Air Jordan brand. We could talk about that, but it honestly scratches the service.

            West has a history of wearing or releasing something that is seen everywhere within 3-5 months, you can almost predict it at this point. This is a man that interned at Fendi alongside his longtime friend, Virgil Abloh, back in 2009. Oh yes, that Virgil Abloh, the late artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Might I add that the position of artistic director was being considered for two candidates before Abloh eventually got it, the other candidate: Kanye West. And with that being said, it’s also clear that Abloh was a part of Hip-Hop culture; Off-White, his hugely popular brand, gained popularity through rappers and people a part of the culture like Kanye West. Love him, or love to hate him, West’s impact on fashion is palpable. He stands with the likes of Pharrell, ASAP Rocky, Tyler, the Creator, and others who are bold and innovative in the fashion world.


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