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Kanye West to Collab with Music Legend Paul McCartney

Kanye West and Paul McCartney may be collaborating on a new album, and you will not believe the name of the newest song they’re rumored to be working together on. Sources say Yeezus has been trying to work with McCartney for a while and the two seem to have a good working relationship. McCartney showed his support for West during his Q&A session, #askmacca, on Twitter last October saying, “The last albums I bought were by ‪@kanyewest ‪@The_National ‪@thecivilwars and ‪@s_c_ (Jay Z).” In return, West came to support McCartney’s show earlier this month with actor David Spade. Spade uploaded a picture of himself and West at McCartney’s show tweeting “Me & ‪@kanyewest at mccartney concert. I’m whispering rap lyrics to him. ‪#igotthis ‪#rhymes ‪#yeezy ‪#sneezy ‪#snowwhite.” The two are said to have had a couple meetings but are trying to keep their work under wraps until it’s ready to be released. Ready for the name of the song they’ve been rumored to be working on? It’s called “Piss On My Grave.” This should be interesting.


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