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Katie Meyer’s Parents Speak Out After Death of Stanford’s Goalie 

Katie Meyers, twenty-two-year-old Stanford goalie, was found in her dorm room around 10:45 am Tuesday morning, March 1st. This news shook the entire campus and soccer community mourning the death of senior star goalie and team captain of Stanford’s women’s soccer team.

In response, many showed their love and support for her and her family through posted tributes from people all over the Stanford and soccer community, like ESPN who recalled her effort in landing Stanford’s NCAA Championship win in 2019.

Watch the video ESPN FC posted, here.

Stanford released a statement Wednesday: “There are no words to express the emptiness that we feel at this moment. We are reaching out to all of you in our community, because this impacts all of us. Please know you are not alone. There are resources available to support us during this difficult time. We can all help by checking in on friends and loved ones. Be caring to yourselves and one another.”

Medical examiners released to the media on Thursday that they ruled out foul play and that Katie Meyer’s death was self-inflicted.

In an interview with Today, Katie’s parents Steve and Gina Meyer cried as they mourn the loss of their young daughter. Gina wore Katie’s red sweatshirt, telling her interviewer, “Every mom is gonna understand it, but when you smell it, it smells like her. Smells like Katie. You know, just her scent,” she sobs. “I’m wearing it because I want to be close to her, so yes, it is hers.”

Distraught over this loss, Gina said, “She died by suicide. The last couple days are a parent’s worst nightmare, and you don’t wake up from it. It’s just horrific.”

Gina said that they frequently talked to their daughter while she was at college, and even spoke to her just hours before she was found.  She recounted their conversation: “She was excited, and she had a lot on her plate, and she had a lot going on, but she was happy. She was in great spirits.

“She was the usual jovial Katie,” Steve Meyer added.

Gina noted that the pressures of being in school and being an athlete are extremely high, and that produces stress and anxiety to “be the best.” However, Steve and Gina believe that a potential school disciplinary action was what could’ve triggered her.

Katie, being Katie, was defending a teammate on campus over an incident and the repercussions of her defending that teammate [are possible disciplinary action],” Steve recalled.

“We have not seen that email yet,” Gina said. “She had been getting letters for a couple months. This letter was kind of the final letter that there was going to be a trial or some kind of something.”

In response Stanford released a statement to NBC News saying, “We are not able to share information about confidential student disciplinary matters.”

Watch Steve and Gina Meyer’s heartbreaking interview here.


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