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Ke Huy Quan, and Harrison Ford Share Emotional Moment on Oscars Stage

The Oscars 65 was not only star-studded, as per usual, but also a highlight reel of moments of vindication and feelings of arrival.  

Notably, the seven-time winning oddball tour de force, “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” marked a change in sensibilities within Hollywood.  Although the usual high drama cinematic fare enjoyed plenty of nominations and accolades, the bulk of the wins went to a movie about family, compassion, trauma, sexuality, and an authentic take on Asian immigration and assimilation to American culture as the backdrop to the visually stunning film.  

For Ke Huy Quan, the moment was surreal and fitting for the 51-year-old vietnamese american.  The presenter for the best supporting actor award was Harrison Ford, the man that saw him through his first breakout role 38 years ago.  

Ke Huy Quan, whose family immigrated to America in 1979, had a bit of an unlikely state to acting, landing the role of Indiana Jones’s sidekick, Short Round, four years into his new life as an American citizen.  

Speaking with PEOPLE magazine of his experience on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ke Huy Quan said, “They were so kind, and humble, and down to earth. Just loving people, human beings that treated each other with nothing but kindness. I have such fond memories of working on it. We spent three weeks in Sri Lanka. We’d hang out by the pool. Harrison taught me how to swim.”With the success of Indiana Jones, his rise seemed to be destined for meteoric proportions when he was brought on the very next cultural classic, The Goonies, as the quizzical, gadget-driven character, Data.


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