Keep Your Hair Protected from Heat

Most people have heard that heat is bad for hair; It causes dryness, damage, and split ends. However, nothing can substitute the look of a blow dry or a curling wand, so how can you get the look you want and still keep your hair healthy?

There are many options for products to add a protective coating to your hair. If you are willing to spend around $30, there are protective oils you can buy to spray on the ends of the hair before applying any kind of heat. I recommend “Bumble and Bumble: Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.” It has a nice, mild scent and it does cause a weigh-down. As a bonus, it also protects from UV rays from the sun, which are also damaging to hair. 

If you do not apply heat often and do not want to spend the money on a specialized product, maybe you have some other options in your cabinet right now. Applying a little hairspray right before using heat gives a material to steam off rather than steaming the hair. The straightener or curling iron will still shape the hair but the overcoat of the hair strands will remain untouched. Gel and mousse are other options that provide the same protection. 

Finally, just ensure that you are keeping your hair conditioned. Quality conditioners both protect and repair the hair from heat damage, and nothing can substitute the importance of conditioner. It works best if it is not all washed out of the hair. A brief rinse will take some off to maintain your body, but keep enough to serve as a guard for your hair ends. 

You don’t have to sacrifice anymore, just take some preventative measures and you can still achieve the look you want.


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