Keeping K In The Kardashian Klan

Just when you thought Kris, Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie were enough; they go and add another K to the mix. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian tied the knot this past Saturday evening at an illustrious mansion of an estate in Montecito, California. All of their guests wore black and white and Kim was adorned with a beautiful diamond headpiece. Guests included celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Demi Lovato, Mario Lopez, Lindsay and Dina Lohan, and even the Girls Gone Wild Founder. Kim included a heartfelt note in her program about how much she wished her late father could be there to walk her down the aisle.
It is widely known that the Kardashian family has a reality show because of Kim’s famous sex tape with singer, producer, actor Ray J. And now that “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has gained about 4 million unique viewers, the Krazy Kardashian fans were of course dying to see Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. But the fact that Kim and Kris are making a reported $16 to $17.9 million on their wedding is beyond me. 15 million of that is from E (Entertainment) alone, just to air the wedding. And it is all because we, the American media are watching; it boggles my mind. Some things the couple received for free for the elaborate occasion were the 10 tier, 6 foot cake, worth $15 to $20,000, Kim’s Vera Wang gown, worth $20,000, 2 other gowns, worth $40,000, $400,000 worth of champagne, $150,000 of hair, make-up and behind the scenes television footage, and wedding invitations, worth $10,000. These vendors really want their name out there, for us to see and want to buy. The wedding cost was about $29 million, but hey, when you’re making about $17 million to do the need it’s no biggie. Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding only brought in a reported $1.7 million which they gave to more than 26 different charities of their choice. Good for you Will and Kate, it will come back! Apparently it is going to cost Kim $30 million to buy back the rights of her sex tape, so perhaps the money she made will go towards that. The Kim Kardashian sex tape website went up to 20 million hits on her wedding day alone. Congrats to you Kim and Kris, I hope you can manage your money well, cause yah got a lot of it!


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