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Kentucky Governor Signs Student Discipline Bill Into Law

Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear, signed a student discipline bill into law on Thursday, allowing students to be suspended from school if they are removed from the same classroom three times within 30 days. 

This law will give permission to school administrators to intervene before situations escalate and authorize the removal of any student who is being “chronically disruptive.” Governor Beshear told reporters that this bill was signed with the expectation that “students posing a significant and serious potential harm to a school aren’t immediately back in that school.”

In an attempt to prevent further issues within schools, principals could now require a review with the teachers and the student’s parents of what goes on in the classroom. They will determine a course of action regarding the student’s future placement in the classroom, depending on how serious the student’s behavioral issues are.

The Democratic Governor stated that “In the end, I think it’s one bill that really comes down to school safety at a time when we’ve seen some really scary incidents across the country. This is one that I believe, if carried out appropriately, can hopefully intervene before some of those things happen.” If it comes down to it, the student may be put into a different classroom after completing their suspension or assigned to an alternative program. 

Before passing the bill into law, it was granted support by Kentucky’s Republican-dominated legislature. During the House debate, Republican Rep. Timmy Truett came forth with his opinion and approval of the bill. He stated that the disciplinary steps are not intended to increase suspensions and expulsions among students but rather to create a “learning environment free from disruptive behavior.” He said, “this bill will make public education better,” giving the students and teachers what they deserve.


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