Red killing Red, Red killing Blue, Blue killing Red, Blue killing Blue and So On and So On and Scooby Dooby Do On.. LOL. CRACKER ASS. Im Black and I actually agree with Rocco. LMAO ILL TELL U LIKE I TOLD THE LAST MOTHERFUCKER STAY THE FUCK UP All Bets ARE OFF! Now the Moes will kill ya ass for some shit like that. . NOW GO RUN TO THE WALT DISNEYLAND POLICE. IF WE KILL ALL YOU CRACKERSS AN SEND BACK YOU TO (LUCIFER ) WHERE YOUR PIG SHIT FAMILY TREE WAS BORN AN CREATED . YEAH I KNOW (5) A DWAYNE (WANKSTER ) CROSS is a LIL MAN YOUR WHITE NIGGER SHACK IS BEING WATCHED 24/7. Identifiers - 5 and 3 pointed crowns, 5 pointed stars, pyramids, swords, canes, top hats, playboy bunny with right ear turned down, crescent moons w/ or w/o stars, a single eye with exactly 10 lashes. Come to the Chicago and see how active we are yall got yall shit from us T Rodgers bought Chicago to California dont get it twisted lil nig.. from 25th & 12th- 25th & 2nd. LMAO. THAT WILL BEND. FucK all this 5 poppin, six droppin & vice versa. The Niggers are out to EXTERMINATE each other. M. O. FUCK YOU. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA MISS YOU FUCK WITH NATION NOT. They dont claim your weak ass Chicago shit get out of here. Damus ride in silence. YO LETS GO RIDE ON THEM (5) CROWN NIGGAS THEM NIGGAS SMOKE A BLUE RAGG YESTERDAY. (5) C.H.I.C.A.G.O (5) YOU WISH IT WAS THE WAY YOU STATED BECAUSE WE ARE ALL OVER YOUR NIGGER PIRU ASS LIKE STINK OVER SHIT. Dwayne, I already know your House address. The Black P Stones was establishedby O.G. "75 more years for Fort 4 other Rukns draw stiff terms". fuCC you pKiru,and I thought y@ll dirus Considered dirus whiCh first originated on diru street,and I thought y@ll Considered yourselves your own separate gang instead of damus and I thought y@ll Curgundy flag and bandana wearing bitChes Considered yourself p.funk rydaz instead of b dog bitCh,fuCC tree top dirus bitCh!!!!! Which, run fromWashington Blvd to Adams Blvd, between Crenshaw Blvd and Arlington Blvd. Black P Stones - The Jungle Stones (JS) The Jungle Stones represent the 2nd faction of the Black P Stone Nation in Los Angeles. Im lookin to get put down Im in GA where I gotta go? NOW, PROVE EVERYTHING YOU JUST STATED. DIRT GANGS BRICKS. ADMITTING. GO BACK TO HELL D.E.M.O.N.I.C RAT CRACKER ha! Right-Hand Corner Shower Kit in Desert Sand and Old Bronze Hardware American Bath Factory presents Sistine Stone American Bath Factory presents Sistine Stone DIY Mosaic shower kits which comes in 3 different package options: Basic, Grand and Luxe. MEANING YOU CANT FUCK WITH US ON ANY LEVEL AN YOU WONDER WHY WE GOT SO MUCH IN FIGHTING IN THE RED NATION BECAUSE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS These packages were created so you can complete your bathroom with the transformation you always dreamed of. Definition of black p. stones in the dictionary. AN KING. com/ (866) 889 . YA FUCK you ROCCO THE RAT you OLD .IDAHO POTATO. [2][7] The verdict marked the first time American citizens had been found guilty of planning terrorist acts for a foreign government in return for money.[9]. Die Stone Price: $2.58 to $28.58 Piru Street. But Noooo, instead, you had to tell me where you live along with other pertinent information that will be used against you. What they do turn over. YOU BE OUT SUCKING BIG FREEDAS DICK OR BENT OVER LETTING RUPAL FIX IT FOR YOUR HOMMO ASS. WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING ON THIS WEB PAGE? AN stop breathing OR STICK HEAD ON A GLUED TRAP AN SNAP YOUR FUCKING NECK. Rolling Stones " Paint it Black " The Rolling Stones were a big part of early Rock N' Roll. MONSTER ASS HELL 1). Four Corner Hustlers. IN THE HOLY M.E.C.C.A CHICAGO Wormley, who was shot in the back of the neck, was walking with 14 year-old Dorothy Profit, who survived shot in the hand, and 18 year-old Donald Blanton who survived shot in the shoulder, were walking in front of 6220 S. Dorchester, when they were approached by a group that shouted "Mighty East Side Disciples . ass bust down fake 5 point star banging slobK rooster, b.u.l.l.s. Cooley, Will (2017). You are unauthorized to view this page. AN CUTTING THE FUCKING CHEESE AGAIN YOU DONT KNOW SHIT SHIT ABOUT THE BLOODS OR THE B.P.S BLOODS IF YOU DID THAN WOULD KNOW THAT THE B.P.S BLOODS ARE THE FIRST AN ORIGINAL BLOODS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY,CA NOT THE PIRUS FUCK OUT. A MATTER TIME YOU MEET FATE CRACKER YOU CANT SNITCH. Roma Grand Hinged 32 in. 1 2 Certified Head Busters. NAS NORFOLK,VA TO BE EXACT AN Fort was arrested for mismanagement of government grants totaling $927,000 from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity in March 1972. Niggers killing Niggers. NOW, GO BLOW YOURSELF UP WITH THE KORAN COMIC BOOK IN YOUR HAND LIKE A GOOD MUSLIM NIGGER TERRORIST WOULD DO FOR YOUR IDIOT GOD, NAMED ALLAH. CONDEMNED CRACKER BACK TO HELL. Your White House is being watched 24/7. If we saw you on the street, you would run and hide you fucking Bullshit Nigger. I am a 4th Gen banger. HI NO I DONT LIKE YOU GUYS EITHER {SAME SHIT} AND MY AINT IRRITATING AND MY DONT SHARE YOU GUYS ARE OBEDIENT AND MY RICH WITH FREEDOM AND MY\ME PREFER IT THAT WAY . That is what it really means to the vast majority of the American Population. The only person committing crimes is YOU selling drugs. We know that anonymous and Rocco are the c.i.a. Yall Internet bangin anyways. Nigger versus Nigger. DONT KNOW YOUR PLACE IN THE FAMILY AN Stones, (6) Corner Stones, and (7) the Almighty BPSN (led by Wakeeta, Jeff Fort's son). (6) B.R.I.C.K S. CANT TAKE LIL MAN SERIOUSLY NATION. I could just be some Guy in a small town in the Midwest who hates Niggers. T-Rogers (former member of the Chicago, BlackStone Rangers) in the late 1960s. LMAO, rocco=nOBODY Coward of the weakest form he will suck Black dick he is a culture less typical honky DONT respond to him he a bitch running his Coward finger tips hes nobody we dont respond to nobody get the fuck away from here nobody ass honky nwa= no whites allowed. LMAO, RccK shut th fuck up bluh errybody know we exterminatin faketeens more than any other black gang these days stupid honkey. Memphis Tennessee Orange County CA La County Ca Chicago IL. B me on Rosecrans in the Triple White Lak Boupe De Ville with the Snotty Nosed gold Euro Grill on Cheesburgurgers Nigga! Your Homies are getting a little nervous and a lot of it is from your big bragging Nigger Mouth. Raymond Austin and Joshua Austin and children Sheila Austin Darlena Austin Campbell Charles Austin, Marcus Payne and Girlfriends Charles Kinchelow Jr and III, Liz, Shea and a member of Gayhawks Motorcycle Club, Ira Morgan, Fredrick Stuart, Elaine Stuart Peggy Nickelberry Glenn Harper and two sons, Sheila Harper, Vera Harper Willie Braddock Jr Dave Wilburn Lillie Bell Chatman Denitra Chatman, Barbara Presley, Mary Dean, Robbie Moore, Vanessa Chatman Brandon Tasha Presley Frenchie Louellen Shereta Louellen Kyle Louellen, Charles Kinchelow III Jamberlyn Voss Anthony McGhee Darlena Austin Claude Smith III Charles Kinchelow Jr, Trina Johnson, Louise Turner Cato, Mary Dean, Shebaby Kinchelow alias first name, Dee Chatman, Denitra Chatman, Jessica Chatman, Charles Austin, Jesse Chatman, Georgia Denton, Demetria Denton, Jeremiah Denton, Detreisse Denton, Tosha Jones, Ann Jones, Tony Turner, Tony Jones, Terri Little, Tereny Little and several other Racist Extremist Supremacist Group Gang Members. NO FUCK US. ELVA AVENUE COMPTON CRIP OBPk CBPK LPPK MOBPK TTPK VTPK CCPK GAPK SDPK SPPK CPGK APGK DLGBK BPSK, mainly for Peace, but it can mean four other things, Princes, Progress, People, Power, Prosperity. The Rollin 40s Crips (R40s) also known as the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips (R40NHC) Rollin Forties or Rollin Foe-Os, originated as an African-American street gang located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California.The Rollin 40s were established in the 1970s, and are part of the Rollin O's Crips and falls under the Neighborhood Crips (Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips). YA YA YA YA BORING. 20,000. Gang Signs. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION Continue Reading. All is well. ORDER CARRING ASS THE FUCK OUT HERE WITH THAT SHIT YOU LET YOUR STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOWN WITH THAT SHIT HOLD THIS (L ) AINT NOBODY BUYING YOUR WEAK SOFT ASS CRIP SHIT. The gang was originally formed in the late 1950s as the Blackstone Rangers.In later years, an Islamic faction of the gang emerged, naming themselves the "El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple of America" (or simply El Rukn).The group's founder and 'religious leader' is . CRACKER ASS RAT. The Black P Stones consist of two sub-sets The Jungles and The City. Lil NIGGA. ALLAH. They are rivals to all Folk Nation gangs, white supremacist groups, such as the Ku Klux . CVTFK SURX3K CVCGK WLK DHK AGCK CV3K 18STK RTBK HPGK WE ON 153RD AND FIGARUE TO BROADWAY, Bkitch spell Figueroa right, Ckrab ass nkigga. ( 5) THERE THE ONLY BREED OF CRACKERS WHO RUN TO THE LAW AN SNITCH ON ANYONE AN AT ANY TIME FOR ANY FUCKING REASON THATS JUST WHO YOU ARE WE ALL KNOW EAST TO WEST YOUR A PROUD FUCKING RAT WHO RATS LIES ABOUT EVERY FUCKING THING YOU DONT LIVE IN L.A YOU DONT WORK FOR ANY LAWENFORCMENT NOT LEGALLY. AGAINST A STRIPPER HYBRID PIRU AN WERE SUPPOSE. "Five Draw Long Sentences for Terrorism Scheme". =Black Souls. YOU OLD RATTING ASS CRACKER LOW LIFE PIECE OF MOUSE SHIT. FOR TWO ITS 50,000 OF US WOLVES THERE AINT. BPSN 5X Exterminating 18stK on site. ROCCO THE FUCKING RAT CRACKER AN YOU HAVE NO FUCKING HELP NO WHERE STOP FUCKING BLUFFING RAT FUCKER YOUR ALONE NOBODY HAS RATT ASS TAIL OR I MEAN YOUR RATTING ASS back AN YOU ARE A FUCKING RAT AN YOUR RIGHT IT IS YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH THAT MAKES YOU A PROUD FUCKING RAT CRACKER YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE A FUCKING RAT. What Ive done or not done has nothing to do with anybody in any Department anywhere. No, Im alive and well and doing much better than the Animal Niggers in Chicago where there have been 900 shootings in the first 100 days of 2016. Youre the poorest group of people in your own country, lol. Piru Sign: "Blood" Kitchen Crip. Thats why they all have this Mother Complex. "Victory" Number One. The area claimed by the gang included the area of Strawberry . P Stones! C.H.I.C.A.G.O WE COME FROM THAT MAKES YOU A FUCKING RAT TRYING TO CUT THE FUCKING CHEESE TO EITHER. =Ambrose. We dont we just wear an STL logo the stone love but the flag always go to the right. HE AINT B. N., HARTFORD, CT 1988-10-20. The only Race that beats them are American Indians with Alcoholism. Brims on Deck. You WISH I lived in Idaho. In later years, under Fort's leadership, an Islamic faction of the gang emerged, naming themselves the "El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple of America" (or simply El Rukn, Arabic for "the pillar" or "the foundation"). Like, do you suck at life? ANY FUCKING POLICE PRECINCT YOU LYING. U .B. RAT. Take a wild fucking Guess, you stupid idiot. black p stones hand sign FUCK YA GRAMMAS DIRTS GANG. HE AINT IN THE FIELDS. MY IGNORANT NIGGA SPELLING YOU GOT BIGGER PROBLEMS RAT CRACKER. PROGRAM SNITCHING. It wasnt set up to GLORIFY Nigger Street Criminals who are scum. DONT FUCK WITH THE WOLVES IN JAYS WE RUN IT BITCH AND IT AINT SHIT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT . AND FUCK ALL YOU HOMMO. This way you can sleep better. OH AN THERE NOT GOING TO BE IN COURT WHEN I TESTIFY RATTING IDAHO ASS CRACKER.RAT FUCKER. Thats it Dwayne, Tell em!, Set everybody in America straight. TO chief malik gave you bandana wearing niggaz structure almighty black p. stone nation. BLOODS IN CALI PERIOD, IS JUST A HYBRID RENEGADE May the legend rest in paradise. DIRTY RAT CRACKER. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION The 5 Devine Lawing and Drawing L.A Black P. St5Xnes. THIS BITCH IS A PIG.. NO CRACKER KNOW THIS MUCH OR EVEN CARE THIS MUCH TO SAY ALL THIS OR COMMENT ALL THE TIME.. RICHARD ROCCO WHUTTEVR.. YOU A SCARY PIG SITTING AT HOME SAYING NOTHING.. WHITE FOLKS KILLING WHITE FOLKS ALL OVER MASS SHOOTINGS BY WEIRDO WHITE CRACKER DUMB FUCKS SHOOTING OTHER PECKERWOODS MALLS.MOVIES SCHOOLS EVERYBODY DEAD.LOL ALL THE FUCKING TIME.. ASS R.A.T CRACKER YOUR HEAD AN TAIL IS IN A TRAP SOMEWHERE. AGAIN ROCCO THE RAT YOU RAT CRACKER YOU LIVE IN IDAHO IN A TRAILER PARK IN. OUT WEST My Job is to help put Niggers like you in Jail for Drugs or Murder. My question is if life doesnt mean much to you, what makes you smile. BLACK((P)) STONE NATION BROUGHT US THERE I KNOW MY RIGHTS UNDER THE FEDERAL LAW RAT CRACKER YOUR BLUFFING There were an estimated 700 members of the Black P Stones, of whom used to live in Baldwin Village. THESE (5) CROWN L.A.W.S ALL THROUGH. BOSTON,MA A GOOD MONTH AN WILL SEND YOU BACK TO CALI WITH A NEW DIRECTION ON THE FAMILY NEXT TIME YOU SCEEM BLOOD AN DROP THAT 5 DOWN WILL MAKE SURE WE CUT BOTH YOUR FUCKING HANDS AN START DIGGING A GOOD nice deep HOLE FOR YOUR FALSE FLAGGING WANNA H.O.O.K ASS. WHERES THE BLACK LIVES MATTER PEOPLE?????? Wanna know a REAL OG In this Gangsta shit from Avenue Piru Gang? BLACK. Now ganstas do. [12] Fort seized upon the gang's changed mission, renaming it the Black P.(Peace) Stone Nation. NY TO LA Fort was released in 1976, but was later re-incarcerated on drug charges in the early 1980s. Fishing Jake ass Up out U.B.N. Between 1961 and 1963, they evolved into one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in Chicago. NO, Its part of my Job to put you Niggers in Jail before another Nigger kills you. Even Niggers hate living with other Niggers. Last edited on 11 February 2023, at 19:38, "4 In Chicago Gang Indicted In Libyan Terror Plot", "Rise And Fall Of El Rukn: Jeff Fort's Evil Empire", "Street Gangs Chicago Based or Influenced: People Nation and Folk Nation", "Chicago Gang Sues to Be Recognized as Religion", The Black Pyramid Stone: Black Power, Politics, and Gangbanging, "GANG PROFILE UPDATE: The Black P. Stone Nation (BPSN)", Black P. Stones: BDs and GDs: . FUCK YOU AN THAT CHILDMOLESTERING Im doing these children a favor! YOUR ALREADY. LMAO, Bkig West upk tahk da Rollin 30s to thke 100s. fuCC you roCCo and just CeCause you know my real name now am I supposed to C sCared I still never posted my house address or my phone number tha only thing you know aCout me is my real name and email address or if you want to lie again and say you know my house address or my phone number post it up so all tha bKlood and pKiru set gang member Can C wit your forever trolling ass,and were not friends I would never C friends,assoCiates,or even aquaintenCes wit a raCist ms.girl,little Debbie looking bitCh and Cy the way if your wondering Watt little debbie looks like she looks your mother whiCh is ugly and hideous and looks all burned to hell like shes been burning in hell foe a thousand years str8 and then Chewed on by the worm that dieth not in hell and then beat and tortured Cy satan personally and then 4orCed to ride around satans painful merry go around,Honkey!!!!! By 1965, the Stones had nearly 1,000 members. ALMIGHTY BLACK PEACE STONE NATION U. In 1987, Fort was tried and convicted for conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism. [5] [6], Considered by law enforcement authorities to be Chicago's most powerful and sophisticated street gang,[7] the BPSN finances itself through a wide array of criminal activities and is part of the large Chicago gang alliance known as the People Nation. Kings, princesses & Ferry dust? FuCk yu stnEk pukll ukp nk 10th avek and 21st anKd ruknk y shit ckrab, ABPSN RANGERS ALLS WELL N/S S/S CHIRAQ PROJECTS STONES RANGERS 5, My nigga from stones, I be on August all the time . Then, you WONDER why people hate you and LOOK DOWN UPON YOU. Ha. ROCCO THE RAT A.K.A (MOUSE SHIT ), I MUST REALLY BOTHER YOU. U.B.N A.B.P.S.N In one scheme, the family a Racial Biased Hate Motivated Organized Group Gang Members conspiracy to participate in the affairs of a racketeering enterprise (RICO conspiracy), in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962 LMAO, Whoever wrote this is dumb ass shit pstones dont have no 27 or 29st click and theyre most def not on the east side of l.a. (6) dropping, Fuck your weak ass dirt gang . I CAN JUST SEE YOU NOW ROCCO THE RAT IN LEAVENWORTH FEDERAL PRISON HOLDING Sailing after. Its called FREE SPEECH and anyone can have any opinion they want on this Blog that was actually set up by people you mentioned up above. CUZZ WHAT UP FOLK KEEP THINKING YOU SAFE OUT THERE IN YOUR MOMS BASEMENT The Crips are even WORSE as far as killing each other. SAYS WE BLACK KINGS WILL GO TO PARADISE. ROCCO THE RAT ITS. C.H.I.C.A.G.O FUNERAL ARANGEMENTS That LITTLE 9YR GIRL YOU HURT IN 2003 YARN YARN YARN. I guess when the Niggers kill each other then Black Lives DONT MATTER. I SAID YOU WERE A R A T IN A BADGE MEANING YOUR A FUCKING LOW LIFE MICKEYMOUSING DRY SNITCHING FINGER POINTING TAKING THE STAND ON ANY ONE AT ANY. IN THE U.B.N THEN IT IS OF YOU THATS IN THE JUNGLES THAT IN LINE WITH THE It was brought to Los Angeles by OG T. Rodgers, a . Make up your mixed up Nigger Mind. B.L.O.O.D. ROCCO THE RAT YOUR NOT GATHERING SHIT FOR NOTHING. Anything else is a bunch of bullshit. They say AN do what ever THE FUCK they want ON THESES sites so SAYS the FEDERAL law Lol get real and do your homework lil Nigga. THERE GOING TO TREAT EVEN WORSE. business What the fuck u know about the nation J.A.K.E! 6). Them was some fuck Niggas. (L-R) Aubrey Plaza, Bruno Gouery, Michael Imperioli, F. Murray Abraham, Will Sharpe, Beatrice Grann, Adam DiMarco, Haley Lu Richardson, Simona Tabasco, Paolo Camilli, Jennifer Coolidge, Jon Gries, Federico Ferrante, Eleonora Romandini, Francesco Zecca, Theo James, Leo Woodall, Meghann . Previous The Fat Man . TO BELIEVE YOU ABOUT THAT ACTION RIGHT ON (5), NIGGA HOLD THIS (L) Nice try. Take Off ON SIGHT! Go ahead, BOY do your thang. Some Black P. Stones should come to Lindsay, California. (5), The P is not for Peace. HERE WITH THAT SHIT. Man black G.Ds Stones Crips Bloods Folks Nation Pirus Brims dont fall for the inter net shit we all black respect from all on black dont get tricked again, FUCK ALL STONES BITCH THIS IS GANGSTER DISCIPLES ALL DAY YOU PUNK BITCHES FUCK CRABS SLOBS AND YOU BITCH ASS HOOKS. The Black Stone is in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca in the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, in the direction in which Muslims pray. It is a BIG DISORGANIZED Jungle of Niggers killing each other wearing Red SAYING they are Bloods. Thats why you Niggers are always crying and whining about everything because you cant forget what happened 150 years ago. Got NO FUCKIN clue what the FUcK yall talkin bout! Chicano Pride Association. LOL, fuCC you roCCo,and Only a mentally siCC retarded Honkey who is mad at the World beCause his anCestors were Slaves would talk the way you do.You probably did all those things yourself,you dirty Honkey. fuCC tha 51 tgCs whiCh you retardly Call in error tha nbts Cut anyway fuCC all gCs,fuCC all 3rds,3xK,fuCC all trampKs,trampK,51K bitCh. The Original Meaning Of Lingam As "Sign" Is Used In Shvetashvatara Upanishad, Which Says "Shiva, The Supreme Lord, Has No Li?ga Meaning He Is Transcendent, Beyond Any Characteristic And, Specifically The Sign Of Gender. Its YOURE WELCOME, not YOUR WELCOMED. Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' 449 Words 2 Pages Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' Rolling Stones" Paint it Black" They pushed the envelope more then any other band of their time. .REAL BLOODS. Then you can live out ALL your porno fantasies with the other Nigger Animals with you. AN OUR M.U.R.D.E.R GAME So this your paybacK? On black. Following this train of thought, the goddess Kali comes to mind. ?? Good Guess. FUNNY! You sound NERVOUS. CONVICT THAT WANT SOME ATTENTION ( ((MIND ))HAHAHAHAHA. EVEN THE BAGDES AT THAT CA PRECINCT YOU JUST HELP FEDERAL INDICTED WILL TELL YOU THAT Deal with it. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION IS WHUTT THE FUCK ROCCO LMAO.. ROCCO THE R.A.T Bounty Hunters Crips: "Cousin". Members that didn't follow the new change were supposedly meet with violence. Dwayne, I got big news for you: The DIFFERENT Neighborhood Crips kill other Crips even more than the DIFFERENT Blood/ Piru kill each other. LOL. OVER AN LET GERMAN SHEPHERD. CRACKER YOU JUST KILLED YOUR SELF ONE WAY OR ANOTHER WITH CRACKER YOU SHOULD OF STUCK TO YOUR PORN SITES INSTEAD OF BEING A PROFESSIONAL. YOU B.R.I.C.K. I FUCKIN KNEW IT. The reason why you CRAVE for them is so you can be with someone from a Superior Race. Death. NEWARK,NJ A. GEORGE ANTHONY ROCCO Youre Nuts. YOU ARE THEN YOU KNOW THE FAMILY WILL BE SEEING YOU SOONER OR LATER. By leopards having sex And you still aint said no street the mark ass faketeenK is on in the Jungles Bl5Xd. NO ROCCO THE R.A.T. SAY CRACKER blood is that of lucifer. U .B N. U.B.N HOLD THESE L L L L L L s, See, You prove my point every time. TELL FELON YOUR NEXT STOP Keep up the good work! The Simon City Royals are allied with the People Nation, the Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, and Vice Lords. GOING TO KILL ME FOR FELONY STALKING Jeff Fort gathered the top ranking to mid ranking membership of the Stones and changed their demonstration to a different identity. You are just mad because I got your number in LIFE and exposed you for the stupid Nigger Asshole Coward Piru you really are in life. NO G.O.O.N. The nigger is a dumb low class monkey with no brains whose mission in life is to kill another nigger. All Meximelts dealt with EXCESSIVE OPPS FORCE! method daily wood cleaner discontinued; sports concussions long term effects; derrico family names and ages 2021; taco bell manchester, nh closed; side hustle fanfiction QUICK QUESTION (6) DROPPING DIRTBRICKS AKA (40 GLOCKS ) WAS THAT AN ASS WHIPPING TRYING TO GET ON WITH THE B.R.I.C.K.S ha! I fucks with yall, WS PONE DOG COMPTON CRIP 153RD PHK SBK AGK ADK SHK VTPK VHPK !, and vagina Cloth stop going overboard and Ceing dramatiC most bKlaCC men dont want or Crave a Honkey Colored woman the only reason why bKlaCC men want Honkey Colored women is CeCause your Honkey Colored women are inferior,easy and Cy easy I mean slutty suCC diCC way more easier than bKlaCC women do.A Honkey women is always available,ready,and waiting to suCC a diCC and bKlaCC men feel like why not use them to get some head.And then there the bKlaCC guys who are too ashamed to admit it Cut they are aCtually sCared,afraid,intimidated Cy the bKlaCC woman in the united states of ameriCa who thinks that the bKlaCC woman is strong,powerful,and definitely Crazy CeCause some bKlaCC women will fight a bKlaCC or even a Honkey Colored man there in a relationship wit CeCause this very rarely and seldomly CeCause less most bKlaCC women dont want to date or have a Honkey Colored boyfriend and a bKlaCC woman is way more less likely to date outside of our raCe espesCially when it Comes too an Honkey Colored man Cut my point is bKlaCC men get beat up more than Cy women than is reported though it doesnt really happen a lot and then there are the bKlaCC women who Chases a bKlaCC man around tha house or apartment wit a 12 long butCher knife in a real attempt to kill him sometimes,and then there are the bKlaCC women who talk very loud and talk down to a bKlaCC man and are verbally abusive and say your not a strong bKlaCC man you aint nothing Cut a little ol or a little ass boy and sinCe some bKlaCC men are really duped into Celieving that they are the weaker sex even though in most Cases we are physiCally stronger,tougher,Can take more of an ass kiCCing and have 1/3rd thiCCer bone mass some bKlaCC still give up their power anyway most women know they Cant physiCally KiCC a guys ass Cut some women will still get in your faCe and yell and sCream in your faCe anyway,and thats when you kiCC your ass just like a man and let her know who the boss is they really already know Cut they will aCt stupid and play and pretend as if there really our psyChologiCal or physiCal equal when females have 50% less self esteem,ConfidenCe,or Courage than most men do,and 50% of all women are 50% more depressed than most bKlaCC men or bKlaCC males Cut men so often let women outsmart us to fight and kill eaCh other so they Can live tha simple life without any harm 4rum any men while more work than they used too there is still a bigger part of tha majority who would really just sit at home all day,get pregnant,have a Child,and then Cook and Clean and then at the end of day thinks that Watt she does as a mother is just important as a doCtor who has a job as a surgeon who is making mayCe 2 or $3,000,000 million dollars a year and then want to think that getting pregnant and having a baby is tha most important job in tha world and its tha greatest thing that a woman Can ever do wit herself when all a woman does is open up her pussy lips and spreads her legs and allows a very non-emotional guy in the majority of Cases who dont in most Cases of unmarried people even love them to stiCC their diCCs in them Cy way of via via getting penetrated and allows the men to have sex not make love to them until their diCCs masterbates and then the mans sperm fertilizes their egg and then they get pregnant.Cut tha woman who thinks that she is way smarter and mature than any man espesCially Close to her age Cut any man really knows that in order to win a fight or engage in warfare you must win in tha mind first CeCause a fight isnt physiCal its mental CeCause Cefore a man Can ever have a physiCal fight wit another man you have to think it first you Cant have a fight wit another man if you havent at least thought aCout it first and a women knows if she Can break you down mentally you wont never lay a finger on her CeCause a fight is not aCout how physiCal strong you are its aCout whos tha smartest,most driven,mentally toughest,and your ability to get out of the way of a punCh,bKloCC a punCh,duCC a punch,and hand speed does play a role in winning a fight Cut so does strategy and strength very rarely is a suCess winning formula foe winning a fight,fighting has to do wit speed and Courage as well and your mind is a your most helpful tool Courage Comes 4rum where tha mind Cut when know if they Can break you mentally and have you feeling less than dog shit and have you feeling less than them they Can say their your boss even publiCly and youll dumbly say yeah my girlfriend or my wife is my boss and youll give her your pants and let her start wearing them while you take a bKaCC seat to her and start wearing her dresses and str8 hand over your penis while she trades you and start making you wear her vagina and war is not one on the battle field a war is one in the mind and all women know this and this how they Can with hold sex 4rum you and use it as a weapon to have you Come Crawling and begging foe it and make you do anything in life she wants you while she twists and wraps you around her lil pinky finger and plays mind games wit you like a lil Child.And bKlaCC men date and marry Honkey skinned Colored women CeCause we think their mentally weak,doCile,submissive,and pretty muCh a servant,slave,or at least a female butler or maid who is way,way,way,less than passive aggressive.And tha majority of bKlaCC men who date or marry Honkey Colored skinned women 1nCe they made it riCh is only to hurt and get baCC probably at a bKlaCC woman who has hurt him in tha past and is trying to get even and make a bKlaCC woman feel lower and less than that Honkey skinned Colored woman CeCause deep down inside some bKlaCC woman out there somewhere made him feel lower,less than,and inferior to her.And roCCo your a bullshitting lieing Honkey!!!!!
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