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Kiera Cass Releases Second Book in ‘The Betrothed’ Series, ‘The Betrayed’

Kiera Cass, bestselling author of ‘The Selection’ series, has released the second and final installment in her ‘The Betrothed’ series. ‘The Betrothed’ takes place in the fictional realm of Coroa, where a young noble woman, Hollis, fights to secure the hand of the king — only to realize her feelings for another. 

Like ‘The Selection,’ I found ‘The Betrothed’ to be a light, fun read. Fans of ‘The Selection’ know that Cass writes fantasy romance and castle drama like no other, and ‘The Betrothed’ certainly was no exception. 

On April 1, 2021, Cass announced on her website that ‘The Betrayed’ would be released on June 29. She wrote, “I really love the conclusion of Hollis’s story (so. much. DRAMA!), and I hope you will too. It’s been fun to spend quality time in a castle again. See you in June with your flower crowns.” 

‘The Betrayed’ is now available for purchase on Amazon, or at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. 

‘The Betrayed’ will follow Hollis’ journey to the kingdom of Isolte after fleeing Coroa at the conclusion of ‘The Betrothed.’ While dealing with the consequences of the tragedy that struck the Eastoffe family, Hollis must also consider the tyranny of Isolte’s king. Cass teases, “Can a girl who’s lost it all put the fate of her adopted homeland over the secret longings of her heart?” 

‘The Betrothed’ books are excellent summer reads — perfect for throwing in a tote bag for a beach trip. At just 300 pages each, they are a low time commitment, but Cass’ masterful world-building will engulf you in Hollis’ world for a few hours. 

Is it too early to dream of a ‘The Betrothed’ movie? With Netflix’s take on ‘The Selection’ set to premiere later in 2021, perhaps Hollis’ tale is the next to be adapted for the big screen. Either way, I am simply excited to get my hands on both Cass’ new book and the soon-to-be-released ‘Selection’ film. 


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