Fashion Designer of the Month for August 2023


Kimberly Gordon is the fashion designer for Selkie,  she’s a photographer a graphic designer a fashion designer, and a creative director, and sometimes she even paints. That’s right she pretty much does it all. Kimberly Gordon was the co-founder and former creative director of the brand Wildfox. With a background in film and fine art she combines her different artistic talents with her fashion industry experience creating the beautiful dresses and masterpieces that we see today.

Silky is a renowned clothing brand and currently has over 600k On Instagram. Not only that but is completely woman-owned the fluffy unicorn dresses are known to send you off into a palace to dance with fairies because that’s exactly what they look and feel like. Kimberly has just amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, gowns and Selkie would not be the brand that it is today without her.


Past Picks of the Month

Kimberley Gordon

Jacqueline Durran

Tommy Hilfiger

Colin LoCascio

Jean Paul Gaultier

Donatella Versace

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