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Lady Gaga Goes Makeup-Free for 2023 Oscars Performance

Lady Gaga stepped out on Sunday, March 12th wearing a beautiful Versace gown. Originally modeled by supermodel Gigi Hadid during the recent Fall/Winter 2023 runway show in Los Angeles on March 9th. Lady Gaga dazzled in the sheer black dress, a slick backup do, a diamond collared necklace, and, to top it off, a fashioned red lip and smokey eyes. 

In addition, Lady Gaga later on in the night performed “Hold My Hand” from Top Gun Maverick, which was nominated as “Original Song”- at the ceremony. She did not step out in the fancy gown that we saw her in earlier but styled a black T-shirt, ripped jeans, and laid-back sneakers. This was a very real, raw moment as she also decided to have no makeup on. 

Before she sang, she introduced herself with a message for the crowd. 

“It’s deeply personal for me, I think that we all need each other. We need a lot of love to walk through this life. We all need a hero sometimes — there are heroes all around us in unassuming places. But, you might find that you could be your own hero even if you feel broken inside,” the singer and actress expressed.

In the song that she performed, the lyrics read:

“I know you’re scared, and your pain is imperfect 

But don’t you give up on yourself 

I’ve heard a story, a girl, she once told me 

That I would be happy again 

Hold my hand 

Hold my hand” 

Lady Gaga’s performance was nonetheless amazing and touching. Her voice filled the room, and her gripping vocals balanced perfectly with her casual look that spoke volumes in itself. Lady Gaga’s performance video is now trending as #7 on Youtube and is close to 3 million views.


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