Lash Extensions Dos and Don’ts

In the past couple of years, eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular.  Not only are they a quick trick for effortless beauty, they are also becoming more affordable as the trend gains traction.  While many trends are fast fashion and fade quickly, it seems that eyelash extensions are here to stay as they steadily become more popular. 

Many people get their extensions from a salon, but more affordable at home options are now available for those that prefer their beauty on a budget.  These DIY eyelash extensions are replacing once-popular beauty products such as false eyelashes. 

While “falsies” are quite popular among those in the makeup and beauty communities, their temporary and uncomfortable nature has led many in the industry to turn to lash extensions.

Extensions, however, are not without their own faults.  Wearing makeup on the eyes has become increasingly difficult since heavy materials often cause the fillers to fall out.  Pressure, pulling, or even touching lash extensions can affect their longevity as well. 

With all of these challenges, it’s important to know the ins and outs of lash extensions before you get them. 

Once you have figured out where you will be getting your lash extensions, it is important to know not to apply mascara over your lashes.  This will cause them to fall out, and if your lashes are applied correctly, they should not need the extra lift.

Oil-free makeup remover is a necessity for those with lash extensions because heavy oils can damage them, and heavy weight can cause them to fall out.

Eyelash curlers are another thing to avoid for those with lash extensions.  The extensions should have their own beautiful curl, so it really comes down to finding the right lashes for you.

Finally, lash serum is extremely helpful for those with lash extensions.  These formulas won’t harm the fillers and will help to keep your natural lashes hydrated and healthy.

With these tips, you’re on your way to starting your journey towards beautiful, full, and (most importantly) healthy lashes.


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